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Your Path to the World of Socials


What We Do

Hi! I am so glad you are here. My name is Maya and I specialize in social media marketing. I LOVE making your business pop and stand out on Instagram, Facebook and even in people's emails. Whether you are a small business needing help from the start or one that has been active on social but just aren't getting the traction you want, I can help! No small business is the same and I understand that some might need more or less than others. That is why I have base packages and al a carte options for you to choose from. Some of these things include managing comments, emails, posting to your story as well as your feed and also a deep dive into your analytics. Fill out the form below and tell me ALL about your business and LET'S GET SOCIAL!


What Do You Need?

Tell me what you need, want, about your business and how I can help!


Here are the base packages that I offer to help your small business thrive on social media. Add on services and custom packages are also available and will be discussed during our call!

Prices are not listed because I believe that each business is unique and deserves to be treated as such. I have base prices and then customize add-ons from there. I work with a large array of industries - the best example I can give is this. If you own a Med Spa, would you want me to give you the same package I give to a life coach, restaurant or wedding photographer? Obviously you will all need different things. So let's make your package YOURS so you get the most out of my services.

Candace Shiflet Photography

Maya has been a huge help!! Being a business owner means I have to run the show, and it is HARD to do everything and still post on social media. Maya has been amazing at creating creative content so I don’t have to worry about my social media presence! I’ve been working with her for over 6 months and it has been so great having her on my team!

Apotheosis Real Estate & JJRE

Maya had completely changed my social media game. When we first started out we set goals I didn’t know were realistic, now we’ve exceeded all of those and have even bigger ones. We have grown over 12k followers and over 1.5 million views! 11/10 would recommend her!

Sand and Stone Sedona Interior Design

I’m so glad I partnered up with Maya to film a weekly web series for one of my interior design projects! She was so fun to work with. Her easy going personality helped me feel more comfortable in front of the camera, too. She did everything from directing to editing. I’ll definitely work with Maya on future projects and I refer her to everyone I know in need of social media or marketing help!



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